Welcome to math 10 Foundations and Pre-calculus

Welcome to General Information for math 10.GLENEAGLE SECONDARY SCHOOL

Pre-calculus Math 10 – Course Syllabus –
Ms. Quirien Mulder ten Kate
Course Objective
To strengthen and enhance math skills in the areas of number systems., exponents, measurement, trigonometry, polynomial operations, factoring polynomials, relations and functions, characteristics of linear relations, equations of linear relations, and systems of linear equations.
Please have several pencils, pencil pouch, erasers, plenty of paper, a 3-ring binder, and a scientific calculator. You are responsible to bring these supplies every day.
Math 9– all students are expected to maintain their textbook in ‘as received’ condition or students will be financially responsible for undue ‘wear and tear’ or loss of the book.
Quizzes/ Unit tests 85%

Homework 15%
Student Responsibilities
Come every day, arrive on time, try your best every minute, complete your assigned homework, respect the learning rights of others, environment, and seek extra help when needed either from me, or another math teacher, or from friends.
Homework will be checked on a regular basis and is an integral part of the course grade and successful completion of homework will lead to success in the course. It is you and your goals in life that will motivate you to do your homework to the best of your ability and achieve at a high level. Every time that you do not complete your homework, it will result in a mandatory tutorial.
Respect the place of learning
  • Put as much effort into learning as you can – do your best work, every day.
  • Seek help when needed – it is both irresponsible and unwise to give up when things get tough. It is OK to ask for extra help
  • Do not talk when someone else is talking to the group. Put up your hand if you have a question or want to express an opinion on the days work.
  • Talk only of math – class time is not social time. I will not seek you in the hallway when you are talking to your friends and ask you to sit down and do some math, you should have the courtesy to show the same level of respect to the class by talking only of math concepts in an honest and forthright manner.
  • Cell phones may not be used as substitute calculators.
Be Prompt
  • This means that you are sitting in your own desk when the bell rings.
  • If you are late, enter silently and do not disturb the class.
If you are late for a test or quiz without prior arrangement with me, you will not get extra time to complete the test or quiz.

Extra Help
Tutorial sessions in room 204 upon request.
Teacher Responsibilities
My job is to help you learn the course. I cannot make you learn. I can only present the material, help you complete the work, and check for understanding. It is also my responsibility to let your parents know if you are not doing your job, just as you will likely let them know if I am not doing mine.
Parent Responsibilities
Parents are asked to:
  • Return phone calls and e-mails, as promptly as they can.
  • Let me know in advance of extended absences so that we can minimize the impact of missing the class.

  • Help students complete their homework or ensure that they attend tutorials to get help.
Contact Information
  • Ms. Mulder: 464-5793, local 331, voice mailbox 460, checked often, but not necessarily every day.
  • E-mail address – checked every day: qmtk@sd43.bc.ca

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